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Distribution Insurance Quote

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

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We are licensed in the following states: Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Distribution (or ‘wholesalers’) insurance covers a wide range of areas from property to equipment to products to workman’s compensation and more. Many states have requirements about the type of insurance coverage that you need, but more importantly you can get the best insurance that protects your company from all type of unexpected events.

General Types of Distributors Insurance

In many ways, distributors are businesses like most others with property, equipment, employees and even customers on the scene. This means that your insurance will cover the basis needs of your business such as the following;

  • Property Coverage

  • Liability

  • Workman’s Compensation

Property coverage includes the necessary funds to repair or replace items damaged during a fire, storm or other types of natural disasters including permanently installed machinery, all property within the facilities that are covered, debris removal, personal effects, valuable papers, documents and receipts and even landscaping,

Liability insurance protects you from claims or lawsuits as a result of property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury that may have occurred on your property or as a part of your business efforts such as accidents that happen when transporting your items. Such coverage includes medical payments to those injured who are not employees. Workman’s compensation covers your employees in cases of accidents on your property. Employees who are injured are covered for their medical expenses both present and future as a result of their injuries.


While the general insurance coverage provided by this form of insurance covers most of your business, you may need more specific, customized insurance to cover areas of your company that might otherwise by overlooked or missed. In particular the following:

  • Computer damage

  • Property that belongs to those outside your business

  • Temporary equipment, trailers not attached to your vehicles

  • Property being transported & more

As a distributor, you may be held responsible for the items, parts or products that may be damaged during transportation. Plus, equipment that is not permanently installed may be vulnerable as well if not properly covered. Many distributors often overlook the trailers or temporary structures on their property because they believe they are covered when they actually might be vulnerable. All of these considerations need to be discussed with your agent so that they are covered and protected under your insurance coverage plan.

Because we are an independent insurance company, we can shop for the best deal from over a dozen companies to find exactly what you need. To get a free quote for our distributors or wholesalers insurance, please fill out the free form or feel free to give us a call at 503-653-1212 to discuss your specific needs.


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