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Garage Insurance in Oregon City, Oregon

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Garage Liability Insurance Quote

For small companies that are in the auto trade or repair business in Oregon City or surrounding areas, they need garage insurance to protect them from a host of risks that could undermine their finances. From injuries, property damage or even simple mistakes that could result in lawsuits, garage keepers insurance is here to protect you from the unexpected.

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Garage insurance in Oregon City is not anything new, but it is the type of insurance that often gets underutilized or even overlooked in terms of its potential coverage. While many states require garage liability insurance and perhaps more, you can fully protect your business by getting the complete insurance it needs in case the worst should happen.

The General Types of Garage Keepers Insurance

There are actually several types of insurance that apply to garage owners, each one is important to cover your needs in case the unexpected should occur. The standard types of general insurance garage owners need will be forms of the following;

  1. Business Owners

  2. Commercial Vehicle

  3. Workman’s Compensation

  4. General Liability

General business owners insurance covers the day to day needs of your company such as general liability and loss of income in case of the unexpected. For many companies, this type of insurance is mandatory as governed by the state. Commercial vehicle insurance covers any specific vehicles that are tied to the garage, such as the tow truck or repair trucks used by personnel to fix vehicles at another location.

Workman’s comp is required by law in most states and covers your employees in case of accidents, including the future medical bills. General liability insurance covers customers or visitors to your garage in case something should happen to them. By including all such forms of insurance, you create a wall of protection that allows your business to continue under many circumstances that otherwise would leave you out of business.

The Specific Types of Garage Keepers Insurance

Garage Keepers Insurance
Garage Keepers

In addition to these general types of insurance, garage owners have very specific needs as well. Which means having particular types of insurance to cover what many garages typically have in their business.

  1. Tow Truck

  2. Repair

  3. Body Shop

  4. Muffler, Transmission and Radiator Services Insurance

These specific types of insurance coverage can be tailored for your needs and help you deal with specific incidents that could hit your pocketbook. In addition, if your garage has something unique or unusual that needs to be covered, feel free to discuss that particular information with your agent. This is because all garages are different and need specific forms of insurance protection in case the worst should happen. If your garage deals with specific types of vehicles that require unusual equipment, feel free to talk to your agent and find out how it can be covered.

Because we are an independent insurance company, Choices Insurance can shop for the best deal from over a dozen companies to find the garage insurance in Oregon City, Oregon, and the surrounding areas that you need. To get a free quote for our garage keepers insurance, please fill out the free form and we’ll get back to you with a quote for the type of insurance that you need.


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