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Rising Home Insurance Rates

Did you know the average US homeowner's insurance premium jumped in 2023? Here in Oregon, we understand the pressure these rising costs put on families. While factors like climate disasters contribute to this trend, there are ways you can protect your home and save money with Choices Insurance.

Reduce Your Risk, Reduce Your Rate:

  • Fortify Your Roof: Replace aging roofs to withstand Oregon's wind and rain, potentially lowering your risk of damage claims.

  • Secure Your Home: Upgrade to a modern security system to deter break-ins and earn valuable insurance discounts.

  • Modernize Your Plumbing: Swap outdated pipes for leak-resistant materials like copper or CPVC plastic for peace of mind and potential cost savings.

  • Invest in Safety: Install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems to actively protect your home and family, often rewarded by insurance companies.

  • Think Smart: Eliminate "attractive nuisances" like pools and utilize smart home tech for extra security, both potentially unlocking discounts.

  • Tree Cutting: Limb trees several feet off the ground to help avoid fire from getting into the tree crowns.

  • Pruning: Make sure bushes around your home are limbed and not touching the siding.

  • Know an arborist: Make a few calls to local arborists so you have a good relationship built. Arborists can give you input on what needs to be trimmed, and removed, and even help create the defensible area you need for safety.

Oregon Insights:

While not among the most expensive states nationally, Choices Insurance is committed to providing competitive rates and exceptional service. Remember, prevention is key. By taking these proactive steps, you can reduce your risk of costly claims and potentially earn valuable discounts on your home insurance premium.

If you want to see average premiums by state, click below.

While we may not have hurricanes, massive flooding, or 5+ feet of snow dumped overnight on us, Oregon does have wildfires, ice, and wind. If you're looking to move in the future, it's important to keep in mind where your next home is located concerning wildfire risk.

Here is a tool that shows the risk for wildfires that different locations use throughout the state. Use this tool when you're looking for your next home, as it may give you insights into where you want to move.

Find more information on creating defensible spaces, by clicking here.

Ready to Talk?

Contact us today for a personalized quote and expert guidance on protecting your home and saving money. We're here to help you navigate the changing insurance landscape and ensure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Remember, at Choices Insurance, we're not just selling insurance, we're building peace of mind.

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