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Farm and Ranch Insurance in Oregon City, Oregon

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Owning a farm or ranch is certainly one of life’s great joys. But there are many responsibilities that come with ownership and having proper farm and ranch insurance in Oregon City helps protect you and your family, property, and equipment from accidents and mishaps that otherwise would be too expensive to handle.

Choices Insurance is licensed in the following states: Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Getting the right farm and ranch insurance in Oregon City and the surrounding communities for your needs is vital towards the healthy operation of your property and the protection of your family along with those who work or visit. To better understand all the options that we provide, our insurance is broken down into sections that cover specific areas that your property may feature.

Farm and Ranch Insurance Structures

All structure on your property that are detached from the dwelling, such as the barn, stables or storage sheds for example, can be covered by this policy. Remember to specifically list all structures that you want covered, particularly if they house equipment, supplies or livestock.

Farm and Ranch Insurance Equipment

Whether you choose Oregon City farm insurance or ranch insurance depending on the nature of your property, it will have all the required equipment covered under the insurance plan, including all farm machinery, livestock, tools, grain and so forth. You can discuss the specifics with your agent, including the provision about loss settlement.


Everything in your home, including well water that is connected to your house or residence, outdoor antenna and in-ground swimming pool is covered by this insurance. This means in case of property loss or accident that is connected with your dwelling or aforementioned items that are connected.

The loss settlement provisions in the insurance cover replacement costs for both similar and common construction that will be needed. You can discuss with your agent the specifics of how the insurance covers your residence, well water, outdoor antenna and more.

Personal Property

This covers all of your personal property inside your dwelling such as furniture, clothes and appliances. In case of loss, this type of insurance will protect you and help purchase new items for replacement. Another aspect is that this type of insurance includes provisions for a depreciated loss settlement as well. Discuss with your agent all the personal property you want covered in the plan and how it can be included.

Cover Losses

The causes for the many types of losses that can occur on a farm or ranch are quite numerous, but they include common ones such as fire, elements, theft, vandalism, explosion and more. You can go over the details with your agent to make sure that a specific threat is covered. In addition, this also covers livestock from a variety of losses as well. Your agent can fill you in with all the details.

Because Choices Insurance is an independent insurance company, we can shop for the best deal from many different companies to find exactly what you need. To get a free quote for our farm and ranch insurance plan in Oregon City and the surrounding communities, please fill out the free form and we’ll get back to you with a quote for the type of insurance that you need.


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