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Review your Coverage for the Season Ahead

As the clocks spring forward, it's not just time that changes—it's a great opportunity to ensure your insurance coverage aligns with the season. We offer some insurance-savvy tips to consider:

  • Home Safety Check: Use the extra daylight to inspect your home. Check smoke detectors, & carbon monoxide detectors, and ensure your home is equipped for safety.

  • Auto Insurance Review: Longer days mean more time on the road. Review your auto insurance to confirm that coverage limits and policies are up-to-date, especially if you'll spend more time outdoors.

  • Outdoor Property Review: Spring is the season of landscaping and outdoor activities. Review your homeowners or renters insurance to ensure coverage for new additions like a garden shed or outdoor equipment.

  • Recreational Vehicle Coverage: Planning to use recreational vehicles? Confirm that your insurance covers ATVs, boats, or motorcycles. Adjust coverage based on your spring and summer plans.

  • Liability Check: With increased outdoor activities, it's wise to review your liability coverage. Ensure it's adequate for potential risks associated with gatherings or events.

  • Spring Cleaning Discounts: If you’ve recently upgraded your home security or made energy-efficient changes, water safety systems, new roofing, plumbing, or electrical please let us know. Updating us with these changes could result in savings for you. Many insurance companies offer modest discounts for installing alarm systems, and some are beginning to recognize the installation of water safety shut-off valves as a qualifying feature for potential premium reductions.

  • Life Insurance Assessment: Life changes can happen. Consider reviewing your life insurance policy, especially if there have been significant life events, like the birth of a child or a change in marital status.

By taking these steps, you can make sure you have the right insurance coverage to protect yourself and your assets. At Choices Insurance we can help you work through your spring cleaning! Call us today to look over your current policy.


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