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Super Bowl Blunders

Updated: May 2, 2023


Living room replays gone bad: One of our customers recalls thinking it would be a good idea to replay some of the game plays in the living room during halftime with his buds. His wife was not pleased when she heard the noise and came in to find a broken sofa and a smashed antique coffee table. She was only further angered when her husband looked her in the eye and drunkenly suggested, “Touchdown?”

Alcohol-related car crashes: One of the most serious and deadly Super Bowl Sunday accidents that can occur is an alcohol-related car crash. All joking aside on this one- we’ve talked to drivers shopping for insurance who have been found guilty of DWI- many that occurred after sporting events. In addition, the National Highway Safety Administration reported recently that 48 percent of driving fatalities that occurred on Super Bowl Sunday were alcohol-related. Designate a sober driver or call a cab- we can’t emphasize the importance enough. Not only is the driver at risk but other innocent travelers on the road can fall victim as well. Also, keep in mind that host laws in many states can hold a homeowner responsible for damages caused by a drunk driver that left their party intoxicated.

Food Poisoning: Sounds silly but it happens all the time when people get together to share food that isn’t properly prepared. One homeowner we talked to in the past was curious if their homeowner's insurance would cover them for serving spoiled and undercooked chicken wings that gave food poisoning to 20 different Super Bowl party guests. “At first I thought they made me feel sick because I added too much hot sauce,” said the homeowner. “But then a whole slew of my friends fell ill too- leaving us to blame the chicken wings that everyone had been eating”.

Stolen jewelry: It’s important to know who you are inviting over to your home for any kind of Super Bowl party as we’ve heard an increasing number of people tell us about guests stealing jewelry and other high-value items while no one is paying attention. Make sure you know your guests so that they don’t go home with your possessions as party favors.

Objects thrown through the TV: One customer was disheartened to hear that they would probably not be getting a claim approved for a broken television set that he had, in the heat of the moment, thrown a remote control at and broken during last year’s Super Bowl game. Home insurance policies do not cover accidents like this so it’s advised to keep your remote away from the screen!

Dogs under stress can bite: On another serious note, keep in mind that our dogs are not always down for partying like we are, especially when they are not accustomed to being around a lot of rowdy people. We’ve heard many accounts of Medical Payment claims being filed for dog bites sustained by guests at a party. When even the tamest animal is under stress or feeling threatened it can lash out so it’s best to keep the dogs outside or gated in a bedroom away from any loud commotion.

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