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Pet Safety Travel Tips

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

travelling with pets

Before You Go

Do a little research.

Call to make sure your pet is welcome at your destination, and ask if there are policies you’ll need to follow. Also, find out if your pets are protected by your car insurance policy. Some companies cover pets in your Comprehensive and Collision coverage and will cover vet bills up to a certain dollar amount if your pet is in an accident, others will not.

Get ID tags.

Outfit your pets with up-to-date ID tags that include your cell phone number, since you’ll be on the road. If there’s room, consider adding that you’ll offer a reward for their safe return, too.

Pack their bags.

Bring cleaning supplies, a towel or pet bed, portable bowls, food and water, any medications, a pet first aid kit, and lots of toys.

On the Road

Feed them early.

To help prevent your pets from getting sick, feed them a couple of hours before you leave, not right before they get in the car.

Buckle up.

Have your pets ride securely in a crate or wear a harness. And, don’t let them ride with their heads out of the window.

Don’t leave them in the car.

Just like people, dogs and cats are susceptible to heat stroke — even if it isn’t that hot outside or the car windows are left open — and they can even be stolen. Make sure you know where your pet is at all times.


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