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Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

halloween safety tips

Halloween can be a wonderful time for adults and children. At the same time, homeowners must make sure that their home is safe for visitors.

Home Safety Begins at the Road

When people think home safety they only look at the interior of the home and the immediate area outside the home. But the risk of injury on a person’s property begins at the property line. Before Halloween arrives, and on a routine basis, walk the typical entry way to the home from the road to the front door step. Are there any trip hazards? Is the path to the door even and easily accessible?

Lighting is an essential element of home safety and Halloween is no exception. While the temptation for Halloween is to make everything a little darker or more mysterious than usual, the risk of injury to others is also a possibility. By lighting up the entry way the resident sends a message that visitors are welcome and that safety is important.

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

For those children old enough to go trick or treating, but not old enough to go by themselves, a parent with a flashlight can help young children avoid many hazards. The light serves to alert drivers and can also light the way if very dark areas are encountered. Other safety tips include dressing children in outfits that are easy to see and that do not reduce the field of vision of the child. When children convince their parents to allow a darker costume, a good trade off might be to have the child wear a glow-stick for the night as a means to keep visibility and safety to a maximum.

Halloween can be a wonderful experience for parents and children as long as everyone stays safe and the approach to the home is free of hazards. Proper planning ahead of time is the way to make it a memorable night for all.

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