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Five Tips for Managing Your Commercial Auto Insurance Costs

Updated: May 2, 2023

You might think the right coverage can be pricey but, believe it or not, you can control some of your insurance costs. Let us offer these tips:

Monitor Your Employees’ Driving Records — Driving records influence rates, so business owners should notify potential hires that they could review their Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs). Ask your local independent insurance agent for help with this. While a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) may not be required to operate your vehicle(s), you may find drivers who have them are more skilled and could qualify for pricing discounts.

  • Make Sure You Have Continuous Coverage — Never let your insurance lapse; if you do, you most certainly will pay more for your next policy because most insurers want to see proof of prior coverage.

  • Ask Your Agent About Discounts — There are a lot of them out there. For example, some carriers offer discounts to companies that pay in full, have been in business for more than three years, and more.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Credit — Some insurance companies use information about your credit history in helping to determine your rate. Ask your agent specifically what information each company looks at so that you understand what’s influencing your premium — positively and negatively.

  • Look for a Bill Plan to Fit your Budget — Some insurance companies have significant finance charges associated with their bill plans, or they have few payment plan options.

When considering the total cost of insurance, look for companies with flexible payment plans, including low down pays and no finance charges.

Bottom line: regularly reviewing business expenses like insurance costs can save you money.


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