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Car Collector?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023


Drive On

Since Hagerty employees are car guys, they know what car guys want. Take flexible usage for instance. Most people don’t buy a collector car to display in their living room; they want to drive it. So while some companies tell you how much you can use your car – restricting your usage to parades, car shows, and limited leisure – Hagerty says, “Jump In and Drive.” Cars were built to be driven, and Hagerty wants you to do exactly that.

Why Collector Car Insurance?

Your every day vehicle generally decreases in value. Your collector car, on the other hand, can appreciate rapidly. We recognize that you need coverage that reflects that difference.

When it comes to collector cars, most auto-insurers determine what they – not you – believe is the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle at the time of loss. Others may offer a pre-determined Stated Value, which may cover you “up to” your policy limit. But Hagerty knows that scarcity and heritage can impact a car’s value as much as make, model and condition. So Hagerty offers a Guaranteed Value that is agreed upon by you, your agent, and Hagerty. That means if you suffer a covered total loss, you get the full value of your policy. No deprecision.

Contact Choices today so we can tell you more about what we can offer you, a car collector, through Hagerty.


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