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Builders' and Contractors' Insurance for your Home Projects

We recently purchased something called Bold Penguin (I did not pick the name). This allows us for many classes of business, the ability to enter data once and we are able to receive multiple quotes to compare coverages and price. Similar to what we are already doing in personal lines side. Something to help make life quicker and easier for our customers and prospects.

builders and contractors insurance for home construction

The housing market is picking up again, and the warmer weather has Builders and Contractors starting their newest projects. One thing Builders & Contractors want to ensure they have early on in the process: INSURANCE!

Builders' and Contractors' Insurance are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and risks associated with construction projects. Regular insurance policies, such as personal auto insurance or homeowners insurance, are not tailored to the construction industry and may not provide the same level of coverage or protection.

Builders' and Contractors' Insurance typically includes coverage for risks that are specific to construction, such as damage to equipment, materials, and property, as well as injuries to workers or third parties that may occur on a construction site.

Here are a few pieces of information to help better understand Builders' and Contractors' insurance:

👷 General liability insurance covers bodily injury or property damage to third parties.

👷 Some construction equipment can be very expensive and in the event of theft or fire having the right coverage can make all the difference.

👷 Workers' compensation insurance provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill while working on a construction site. In most states this is required coverage for employees.

Our office is skilled in working with Builders and Contractors - give us a call and we'll BUILD your quote for you.


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