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Choices adds PEMCO to its list of providers!

Updated: May 2, 2023


Choices Insurance is proud to add one more choice to our already diverse list of providers. Here are some facts about PEMCO!

  1. PEMCO is the local company dedicated to Northwest residents. Our customers come first, because insurance is about what you need, not what we want to sell. You can rely on our protection for your auto, home, boat, and life. You simply won’t find better value or service for protecting your most valuable assets.

  2. We’re different – we know you because we are you. We drive the same roads, weather the same storms, share the same neighborhoods, attend the same schools, and support the same charities. That’s why choosing PEMCO gives you greater peace of mind. We hope you never need to use us, but if you do, we’ll take care of you like no one else can.

  3. We’re also different because we’re a mutual company. We’re owned by our customers – not stockholders – so we serve you, not Wall Street.

  4. Robert J. Handy, a Seattle journalism and math teacher, founded PEMCO Insurance in 1949. Originally its purpose was to insure teachers who were members of School Employees Credit Union of Washington , which Handy had created years earlier and remains affiliated with PEMCO today.

  5. Excited by the prospect of creating a financial institution with a heart, Handy was one of the first to take advantage of the credit union concept in Washington. In 1936, just three years after the Washington Legislature authorized credit unions, he founded Seattle Teachers Credit Union (now School Employees Credit Union of Washington).

  6. Handy supplemented his income by working for a general insurance agency owned by a friend. He sold auto insurance to educators who came to the credit union for new car loans. In 1949, Handy founded Public Employees Mutual Insurance Company (PEMIC), a precursor to Public Employees Mutual Casualty Company (PEMCO), to offer home fire and burglary insurance and automobile collision, comprehensive, fire, and theft insurance.

  7. In 1950, Handy incorporated PEMCO to write liability insurance. In 1977, PEMCO merged into PEMIC after a change in state law no longer required separate companies for property and liability insurance.

  8. In 1963, Handy started PEMCO Life Insurance Company to sell low‑cost life insurance to credit union members.

  9. As different as we are individually, everyone at PEMCO shares a commitment to doing the right thing. It’s who we are. By delivering a world‑class customer experience, we make a real difference to our policyholders – and those who we “meet by accident” – each and every day.

  10. PEMCO APPLIES an additional discount to “all” current and retired school district employees.Any occupation.

This is a Northwest only company with a 94% retention of customer rating, one of the highest I have seen in the industry!


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